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Book-length Submission Guidelines

If you've got a previously unpublished work over 10,000 words or more than 40 pages of graphic work, then you fall into this category. Please see the individual submission types for guidelines on what we're looking for:


Please ONLY query finished texts. If your text is unfinished, it will be automatically rejected.

For fiction, please submit as a Doc or PDF :

  • Your query letter;
  • A 1 - 2 page synopsis;
  • A short list of artists whose styles you like / envision for the book;
  • The first three chapters or the first 20 pages, whichever is shorter.


Non-fiction submissions do not need to be finished and can be a proposal.

For non-fiction, please submit as a Doc or PDF:

  • Your query letter / proposal, including expected length;
  • A short list of artists you like / envision for this;
  • An Annotated Table of Contents;
  • The first chapter or a completed, sample chapter;
  • Date of Anticipated Completion.

Graphic Work

Graphic submissions, fiction or non-fiction, do not need to have finished artwork but MUST be a completed script with sample pages.

Please submit as a Doc or PDF:

  • Your query letter;
  • A 1 - 2 page synopsis;
  • Twenty completed pages;
  • The completed script or storyboard.

Remember, you must be the--or have an--artist for fully graphic work.


At this time, we do NOT accept any unsolicited, book-length poetry collections.

We hope to change this soon.

However, we DO consider fully illustrated, poetry zines. See our "Zine Submission" page for guidelines.


Please submit all of the requested materials to chrisatquarterpress(at)gmail(dot)com, with "Submission - Book - Your Title - Name" in the Subject line.

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for a response. At this point, we will do our best to get back to you one way or another. If you do not hear from us by then, feel free to send a follow up.